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First, ignore the Gossip Girls. Neither Lyle Richardson writing from his parent’s basement or Eklund from the Flyers press box will ever have anything of consequence on The Twins status as Ducks.

You can trust other sources though. Via Insider Trading:

How will the Ducks deal with impending UFA’s Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry?

McKenzie – It’s going to hang over them all season until something goes one way or the other.  I can tell you that Pat Morris, the agent forCorey Perry, is heading to California in the next week or 10 days, not necessarily to speak to GM Bob Murray of the Anaheim Ducks, but to sit down with Perry to have a strategy session about whether they are going to negotiate or go to free agency.  The representative for Ryan Getzlaf, Gerry Johannson, will initiate dialogue soon on a contract; there was a lot of it last season.  I think everyone gets the sense that Getzlaf is a good bet to re-sign with the Ducks, the jury is very much out on Corey Perry.

That’s how I read it. Paige Getzlaf wants to make a home for her young family here in SoCal. While Corey Perry has established some roots here, he’s more likely to keep his options open.

The Twins are no longer joined at the hip. Marriage, fatherhood and committed relationships do cause guys to drift apart a bit. It doesn’t mean that you’re not very good friends, but your best buddy will never influence your thinking as much as a wife or a significant other. A best buddy will never motivate you as much as your desire to provide for your family.

This isn’t to say that Getz and Pears aren’t as close as ever either. It does mean that for each that their world is larger and their friendship, while enduring, is not the most important of their relationships. Wives, kids and significant others do that to you.

From my own experience I can share that my best buds helped prepare me for the single most important and enduring relationship of my life. A marriage that has really been like a long date lasting 28 consecutive years. It was by earning the respect and trust of teammates that prepared me for life.

No doubt perspective and having lived is the difference between Bob McKenzie and a Gossip Girl. It’s also how you know something is reasonably close to being the straight skinny when you read it.

Perry have a strategy session on how best to pursue his future? You bet he will. Of the two, Corey Perry is the gamer.