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Anaheim Ducks have announced that former Vice-President and General Manager has accepted a position as a part-time scout with the team.


“We are happy to welcome Brian back to the organization,” said Ducks Executive Vice President/General Manager Bob Murray. “Anytime you can add a person of his quality to your staff, it makes your organization better. We’ve had success working together before and look forward to doing it again.”

Burke returns to the Ducks after originally serving as Executive Vice President/General Manager from 2005-08. Over his three-plus seasons with the organization, the Ducks captured their first Stanley Cup (2007), first Pacific Division title (2007) and first two 100+ point seasons (2006-07 & 2007-08). The Ducks also qualified for the postseason in all three seasons, winning six of eight playoff series over that span.

The scouting role was not clearly defined in our Ducks press release. Brian Burke could be doing anything from scouting upcoming teams on the schedule, players that are offered in trade, our own players in the minors and/or draft prospects.

Let’s just hope our Ducks don’t start a losing streak Sunday.


This a stunner. The timing, coming just four days before camps open after a four-month layoff is weird. The real reasons haven’t spilled my as yet. The best I can offer is that the new owners didn’t want Brian Burke as the face of their franchise.

Obviously somebody doesn’t like Brian Burke. Jeez, can’t imagine why, lol. The thing is, you don’t hire or fire a Brian Burke because you like or don’t like him. You hire and fire Burke on the basis of results and/or philosophy. If you’re firing Burke for philosophical reasons, you clean house. Leafs aren’t cleaning house. Replacing Brian Burke with his protegé, former Ducks VP Dave Nonis, is not a change in direction or philosophy.

This is all about office politics. Somebody doesn’t like Burkey.

Media chatter is suggesting the firing came because Burke wouldn’t trade for Roberta Loungo and his ten year cap at $5.3M per year. I find that hard to believe because I tend to respect that people aren’t that stupid. For one, you don’t fire a GM for a personnel decision about a goalie. Second, why take on Loungo’s contract when you can likely get him as a UFA when Vancouver buys him this summer?

I can leave that one for the Gossip Girls. Jeez, if it’s true though. The whackjobs are back in control of the Maple Laughs. Good luck Dave Nonis.

So fellow jilted Ducks fans, do we take him back? Would he come back?

CP is reporting that Ducks D-man Lubomir Visnovsky broke a finger on his right hand in the final minute of last night’s 4-3 win against Vancouver. The broken finger on Lubo’s right hand goes with the broken finger on his left hand. The one he’s been playing without complaining for two weeks.
So now we know what it takes to make Lubo sit and heal. He did okay with hand for two weeks. Not even Lubo can play no hands. Though OCR’s Mark Whicker, Shadow of the Bat and I have been questioning Lubo’s health on Twitter. The sharp-eyed Shadow Tweeted that Visnovsky wasn’t shooting last night, even on the PP. Now we know why.
Looks like Coach Carlyle will be forced to play Kurtis Foster, unless a trade is made. There’s Twitter Talk quoting unknown super duper secret sources that Bargain Bob is in talks with Bombastic Burkey about Cody Fransen.
Just where do you think a big fast D-man who won’t use his size or skate is on Randy Carlyle’s Wish List?  Fransen is a guy who Dave Poile and Barry Trotz gave up on and now he’s failed to impress Brian Burke and Ron Wilson. As if Murray and Carlyle are going to succeed where Poile, Trotz, Burke and Wilson didn’t.
My touch wood hunch is that Luca Sbisa is ready to step into a larger role.

Following Wednesday morning’s acquisition of defenseman Francois Beauchemin, Ducks Executive Vice President/General Manager Bob Murray spoke with reporters via conference call from Honda Center. The following is a transcript and my responses: (more…)

From our Hockey Moms are Awesome Dept.:

“According to local lore, when the snow got too deep to play hockey outside, Madame Lemieux transported shovels of snow into the house. She threw the snow on the carpet and pounded it down to a smooth surface that glistened like ice. With the heat in the house turned off and the doors opened to let the cold blow in, she had her boys, just past toddler age then, practice hockey on the rug.”

After he turned pro and became famous, Mario admitted he actually learned to skate in his living room. His mom added, “They really did quite a job on my rug. But it was good for strengthening their ankles.”

Every kid in Canada is going to want an indoor rink for Christmas.

Want more goal scoring? Former Ref Andy Van Hellemond says shrink the stinkin’ goalie pads Adam Proteau of THN has the rest. (more…)

Fished these pucks out from the back of the net for ya:

Andy Strickland, covers the NHL’s hottest team in Blues Clues Strickland offers a surprising to the question, “Who’s replaced Keith Tkachuk in the room?” Blues Clue: It’s not a player.

How does a team with a minus -5 goal differential, its’ top line all minus, its point leader still looking for his first goal of the season, it’s #1 goalie .894 SP and a GAA of 3.30 produce a 6-4 W-L record good enough for  8th place in the West? THN’s RoryBoylen takes a look at the stunning Columbus Blue Jackets.

In true “Beat me, beat me make me feel real” fashion Brian Burke calls Leafs Nation booing Dion Phaneuf disgraceful. That’s right Burkey, talk dirty to Leafs Nation and they’ll still buy your jams and jellies. After starting the season 4-0, Leafs are now 5-4-1. In true, “What? me worry” fashion Double B isn’t pushing any panic buttons.


For those who know me from other sites, my history on firing coaches is pretty traditional. First consideration is timing;

- 20-25 games into the season.

- Anytime afterward if the season is salvageable and a coaching change is deemed necessary.

- At the of the season.

Then there is the circumstance when timing doesn’t matter. A coach has done something so outrageous, so egregious that it will be impossible to recover and regain the respect of his players. (more…)