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This a stunner. The timing, coming just four days before camps open after a four-month layoff is weird. The real reasons haven’t spilled my as yet. The best I can offer is that the new owners didn’t want Brian Burke as the face of their franchise.

Obviously somebody doesn’t like Brian Burke. Jeez, can’t imagine why, lol. The thing is, you don’t hire or fire a Brian Burke because you like or don’t like him. You hire and fire Burke on the basis of results and/or philosophy. If you’re firing Burke for philosophical reasons, you clean house. Leafs aren’t cleaning house. Replacing Brian Burke with his protegé, former Ducks VP Dave Nonis, is not a change in direction or philosophy.

This is all about office politics. Somebody doesn’t like Burkey.

Media chatter is suggesting the firing came because Burke wouldn’t trade for Roberta Loungo and his ten year cap at $5.3M per year. I find that hard to believe because I tend to respect that people aren’t that stupid. For one, you don’t fire a GM for a personnel decision about a goalie. Second, why take on Loungo’s contract when you can likely get him as a UFA when Vancouver buys him this summer?

I can leave that one for the Gossip Girls. Jeez, if it’s true though. The whackjobs are back in control of the Maple Laughs. Good luck Dave Nonis.

So fellow jilted Ducks fans, do we take him back? Would he come back?