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What does a Gossip Girl do between the Trade Deadline and the off-season? Well if your Lyle Richardson @ Hockey News you begin predicting off-season moves. Ah well, the clarity born of veracity has been absent from his crystal ball long before ‘you can play’ decided to move forward without Sean Avery, its spokesperson.

It’s also what you do when you’re a one trick pony.

Here at BackCheck’s Blog we refer to the “off-season” as the financial season. Teams are looking at cap compliance and internal budgets. The player that movement occurs during the financial season is primarily UFA and RFA signings.

There is no off-season anymore. We have a hockey season that opens mid-September to the Stanley Cup. And a financial season that kicks off with the Entry Draft or first day of free agency, whichever arrives sooner in a calendar year.

BTW, Richardson links other people’s thoughts on Luongo, Montreal, Bozak and Ryan Malone.

As to Loungo, did the NHL inadvertently create a cap circumvention 5-hole  in that a team might re-sign a compliance bought out player? Could the Nucks say buyout Loungo then re-sign him? Or the Lightning Malone? Just askin’.

The good news for Ducks fans is that Bobby Ryan didn’t make the cut. This blogger’s hunch is that if Ryan (1 goal in 15 games and counting) has a poor playoff he’ll be gossip fodder all summer anyway. Gossip Girls will cue up the “Bobby Ryan going the way of Dustin Penner” chatter and Ryan to Flyers, Leafs or team du jour.

After Bonino to Fowler resulted in Fowler’s first goal of the year, maybe every goal slumping Duck should get a shift or two with Bones. Would sure make juggling lines easy.

First, ignore the Gossip Girls. Neither Lyle Richardson writing from his parent’s basement or Eklund from the Flyers press box will ever have anything of consequence on The Twins status as Ducks.

You can trust other sources though. Via Insider Trading:

How will the Ducks deal with impending UFA’s Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry?

McKenzie – It’s going to hang over them all season until something goes one way or the other.  I can tell you that Pat Morris, the agent forCorey Perry, is heading to California in the next week or 10 days, not necessarily to speak to GM Bob Murray of the Anaheim Ducks, but to sit down with Perry to have a strategy session about whether they are going to negotiate or go to free agency.  The representative for Ryan Getzlaf, Gerry Johannson, will initiate dialogue soon on a contract; there was a lot of it last season.  I think everyone gets the sense that Getzlaf is a good bet to re-sign with the Ducks, the jury is very much out on Corey Perry.

That’s how I read it. Paige Getzlaf wants to make a home for her young family here in SoCal. While Corey Perry has established some roots here, he’s more likely to keep his options open.

The Twins are no longer joined at the hip. Marriage, fatherhood and committed relationships do cause guys to drift apart a bit. It doesn’t mean that you’re not very good friends, but your best buddy will never influence your thinking as much as a wife or a significant other. A best buddy will never motivate you as much as your desire to provide for your family.

This isn’t to say that Getz and Pears aren’t as close as ever either. It does mean that for each that their world is larger and their friendship, while enduring, is not the most important of their relationships. Wives, kids and significant others do that to you.

From my own experience I can share that my best buds helped prepare me for the single most important and enduring relationship of my life. A marriage that has really been like a long date lasting 28 consecutive years. It was by earning the respect and trust of teammates that prepared me for life.

No doubt perspective and having lived is the difference between Bob McKenzie and a Gossip Girl. It’s also how you know something is reasonably close to being the straight skinny when you read it.

Perry have a strategy session on how best to pursue his future? You bet he will. Of the two, Corey Perry is the gamer.

Check out Gossip Girl Dwayne Klessel (aka Eklund) whine that he’s tired of Shane Doan pushing back his deadline. Wow, may we never delay a headline to a blogger lest that blogger might diss us in a post. What a crock full of taking oneself too seriously on Klessel’s part. How ’bout bloggers the Gossip Girl begin putting on his big boy or girl britches on leg at a time.
‘Girl’ britches is added because I don’t know of Klessel’s preference in undergarments. At the risk of starting a rumor, I choose non-discrimination as the lesser of two evils.
Shane Doan has extended his deadline out of consideration for the needs of his family and his sense of duty and loyalty to the Phoenix Coyotes. And some yahoo blogger disses him for the sake of a headline? Now you know why I mock hockey’s Gossip Girls so. There’s that plus keyword Gossip Girls gets us a few extra views as well ;)

In Ducks news -

Dave Champion of the The Hockey Writers predicts our Ducks will be better next year than last. You can skip his long-winded rehash of the disaster that was last season, unless of course you like to wallow in the mire, as Jim Morrison once sang.
The real story begins at Why Next Year Will be Different.

A new feature from hockey’s unofficial source of record is now tracking all the trade gossip and speculation. It’s amazing how Dwayne “Eklund” Klessel has impacted hockey coverage. Obviously people prefer to read about trades that rarely happen than oh say, a comparison of the Box Plus 1 to the Pressure the Puck Carrier defense. Hmm, does this officially makes us hockey geeks?

Maybe this blog will join in as well. The working title is Whispers, a product of our imagination services. Did you hear the one about Getzlaf for Myers? We started it is a pure speculation. Gossip Girl Eklund put it out as legit. No way, Bob Murray would never pull the trigger on a Getzlaf for Tyler Myers deal. Getz to Toronto for Jake Gardiner maybe. Let’s see if that one grows legs.

If you saw it you know our Ducks played hard and were even with the Kings after 60 minutes. What concerns me is three of the four goals scored on Jonas Hiller tonight. Breaking out for a two on two rush Hagman failed to pick up and stay with his check Anze Kopitar breaking through the neutral zone in the left-wing lane. Dustin Brown was the head man driving through the center lane. Getzlaf with Fowler in support converged on Kopitar leaving Brown wide open in the center lane. Beauchemin was collapsing low and Perry was out in nowhere land. Brown ripped one from about 25 feet out that beat Jonas cleanly high blocker side. In the shootout Jarrett Stoll fired one high blocker from about 15 feet that also beat Hiller cleanly. Brown scored the winner placing one between the leg pad and the glove from about 10 feet out.
Following the game Jonas said he didn’t feel right in the shootout. He wasn’t offering an excuse. Just stating a fact. I suspect he wasn’t feeling right on Brown’s goal that put the Kings up 2-1 at 8:02 of the third. An NHL goalie has to pick up shots from well out when he isn’t screened and there isn’t a deflection on the play. Jonas simply wasn’t picking up those pucks.
TSN’s Bob McKenzie says it best in, YOU CAN’T CHEAT A CONCUSSION; (more…)

Gossip Girl Eklund the not so anonymous hockey blogger, his real name is reported to be Dwayne Klessel, is musing that our Ducks are among seven teams allegedly “involved” in the Coyotes unsigned RFA Kyle Turris. I’ve no idea what this gossip girl means by “involved” but it certainly excites the 12 year olds out there.

Consider that Kyle Turris is a highly regarded prospect who projects to be a #1, 1A or solid #2 center. Frankly, if the Ducks or each of the other 28 NHL teams weren’t “involved” in at least monitoring the Turris situation they’d be negligent. Now think about it. Bob Murray has spoken about thinking and planning one, two and more years ahead. Knowing that Saku Koivu is slowing down and might retire after this season you can bet your lucky charms that Bob Murray has a #2 center on his radar.

Are our Ducks “involved” with the ‘Yotes and/or Kyle Turris? I don’t know what a gossip girl means by “involved” and yeah, our Ducks are interested in finding Koivu’s replacement. That person might be Andrew Cogliano, Peter Holland or somebody not currently with our Ducks, like Kyle Turris. Just like B-Mu would probably be “involved” if say Darren Helm, Ryan Johansen or any other highly touted young prospect were said to be available.

Anytime you hear a highly touted young center is available go ahead and assume our Ducks are interested. B-Mu will be interested until somebody has established himself as Saku’s replacement.

Mostly I ignore Lyle Richardson but as a Ducks fan well…he’s totally out to lunch here. First and foremost the erstwhile Gossip Girl completely ignores Teemu’s roles. Primarily that is 1st unit PP and 2nd unit ES forward. Frankly, as much as I admire Flash, his ES production has really slipped the past couple of seasons.

Bobby Ryan will move to the second line and take Teemu’s spot alongside The Twins on the 1st unit PP. Look for Jason Blake to flip to RW, where Carlyle has said numerous times he prefers him. Ryan’s role will change a bit as he becomes the physical guy alongside Koivu & Blake. He’s a big, strong kid and has shown before he can handle it. It’s possible one of Dan Sexton, Kyle Palmieri, Emerson Etem, Devante Smith-Pelley pushes Jason Blake down the depth chart, but not likely.

Carlyle has shown that when the team gets in trouble he’ll re-unite the Big Line and ride them. If and when that happens look for Cogliano to move up into Ryan’s LW spot as dragoneer posted on THN.

As a Ducks fan and blogger, I’ll truly miss seeing the Masterton Line if and when Teemu calls it a career. I don’t know if there’s been 3 guys who’ve won the trophy for perseverance, dedication and sportsmanship on the same line before. One thing is certain, losing Teemu Selanne on the heels of Todd Marchant’s retirement is going to tax the character of each guy in that room.

Ducks will miss Flash & T-bone as much off the ice as on.

For practically all of us, not seeing Teemu out there is like when Mom’s not home for dinner. My cookin’ was called “Something new.” It looked like spaghetti but never made it the same way twice. That will be our Ducks without Teemu Selanne, something new.

So much for that Gossip Girl rumor that Razor was sitting by the phone waiting for Bob Murray’s call.

Corey Crawford beat out Marty Turco for the #1 last season. He had a solid rookie year, 33-18-6, a GAA of 2.30 and SP of .917. Chicago wasn’t the only team interested in Ray Emery according to his agent J.P. Barry.

Chicago does offer what Ray Emery wants most. A chance to be the starting goalie on a Stanley Cup contending team. Especially on a team with a little over $3million in cap space and a willingness to spend. So yeah, Razor will go in as a walk on. Nice to see him shooting from the hip again.