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Ducks 4-3 SO win over the Kings was a very entertaining game which is PR code for not exactly perfectly played by either team.

For our Ducks it is a huge win. Our guys dispatched the surging and current Stanley Cup champ AND did so without our best player and captain Ryan Getzlaf .

Who doesn’t believe this morning?

No time to enjoy the win because our Ducks host the Edmonton Oilers and Justin Schultz tonight. You remember Shultzie, he’s the guy Wayne Gretzky told to sign with Edmonton because the Oilers were building a Cup contending team.


Like we’re really scared, eh. Hockey media and the blogs are making a big deal that the Kings have won 3 straight and 5 of their last 6. Big whoop. During their little run Kings faced two teams with records north of .500. Stanley Cup champions are supposed to beat the weak sisters of the NHL. Kings lost to Chicago, who our Ducks beat. Kings did beat St. Louis 4-1 who our Ducks also beat.

Ducks have absolutely no reason to fear these guys. Respect them certainly. Kings have some talent and  some big boys who can put a hurt on ya. So do we. The difference is these Ducks (Allen, Souray, Winnick, Beauchemin and Maroon) are bigger and badder than any five  the Kings can send over the boards.

The Kings are dependent on four guys (Carter, Kopitar, Brown and Richards) for the bulk of their scoring. Ducks have ten guys with four or more goals. I’ll take the deeper team thank you.

Not that it ever happens in the NHL but if it did the bounty on Jarret Stoll would be about $10k. Nice bonus for a few guys, if the opportunity be available.

Drew Doughty is without a goal 16 games into this NHL half season. Still, the Kings offense starts with him. Disrupt his ability to move the puck and the Kings need a huge night from their goalie. So far this season at least Kings haven’t shown the scoring depth or the ability to out-muscle weaker opponents.

So bring ‘em on. Last season is yesterday’s news.

These Ducks could accomplish something very special this season. In dispatching the Stanley Cup champion Kings, our Ducks had to beat not just the Kings, they had to overcome some bad officiating, their own demons, an unfavorable schedule and an injury that reduced them to five D-men for the final two periods.

This was a night when even a good showing would have been accepted and excused by most paying customers.

Just two weeks ago our Ducks found themselves in a very similar situation. On that night our guys gave in to their base instincts and Vancouver made them look like goofs on their way to 5-0 win.

Like the Canucks, Kings came out attempting to dictate the tempo and dominate physically. Even in the eye of this Ducks fan, Kings earned a territorial advantage in play throughout the game. Our Ducks didn’t let them do much with it. Our guys dove in front of shots. They matched the Kings physically, tying them up and moving them out of harms way.

Ducks took an early lead on two goals from Nick Bonino. Suter yanked Quick and replaced him with Bernier. Kings responded with assists from B market officiating and came back to tie it up. Dustin Brown on a PP and Jared Stoll wristed while falling away just 34 seconds later.

Ryan Getzlaf went to the Kings net to bury one as our Ducks skated off the ice leading 3-2 after one period of play.

Kings would tie it up 3 more times but would never lead before our Ducks pulled away in the third.

Nick Bonino buried another to complete his first career hat trick. It was another night when our Ducks got significant scoring from an unexpected source.

It was a night of a few Ducks firsts. Emerson Etem earned his first NHL points assisting on each Bones’ first two goals. It was also Double E’s first multi-point NHL game.

Teemu Selanne’s EN goal moved him ahead of Doug Gilmour for 16th place on the All Time Points leaders.

As this blog has noted on numerous occasions, goalie stats are useless indicators. Jonas Hiller is not among the top 40 NHL goalies in SV% or GAA. He’s tied for tenth in wins with four.

And tonight, maybe for the first time since we traded Chris Pronger, this blogger saw reason for hope.

UPDATE: L.A. Times Helene Elliot is reporting that Matt Greene is likely. Greene’s a 3rd pairing/PK unit D-man who can compete with our Ducks big forwards physically.

The season isn’t even half over and already we’ve launched The Playoff Watch as our Ducks face two must win games this week. Our Ducks are currently 1-0 against Los Angeles and 6-3 against Pacific Division rivals. If our Ducks are to maintain any hope of making the playoffs, we must maintain the .666 P% against Pacific Division teams.

This is a must win game. (more…)

The Hosers got hosed. The Kings go home CRYYYING!!! That Stanley Cup parade is looking more and more like a Figueroa Fantasy.

In a closely fought game where one mistake would make the difference, the Kings almost Norris Trophy winner Drew Doughty made three big ones. With Pouty Doughty whining in the sinbin victimized by Oscar-winning acting skill of Corey Perry, Cam Fowler beat Quick cleanly from about 20 feet out. (more…)

The light went on for me this morning. I feel just like the Steve Martin character,  Navin R. Johnson from The Jerk did when he learned that weight guessing is a profit game.

Oh jeez, armed with the secret, I might even get to meet Bernadette Peters. Now that seeing our Ducks win the Stanley Cup is checked, meeting Ms. Peters is number one on my personal bucket list.

I just discovered only one team in the NHL matters, the Hogtown Homers, whoops I mean Heroes, yeah Hogtown Heroes, aka Toronto Maple Leafs and Leafs Nation respectively. (more…)

Today’s biscuits fished from the back of the net include Timbits from Calgary, Edmonton, New York, Hogtown and Los Angeles… (more…)