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One way to look at this is the whole league is returning from injury that kept them out for 34 games. Here are a few things you can expect to see in camp and in the early going:

1. Guys who played in Europe and the ‘A’ will be noticeably ahead of players who hung out at scrimmages and/or skated on their own.

2. Adjusting to the ice. It’s much harder for goalies because the angles are all different. The primary and secondary high percentage shooting areas cover more space on the larger European ice surface. For skaters, it’s mostly adapting to the feeling of being hurried on the smaller NA ice.

3. Teams with little roster turnover will have a jump over teams breaking in new players at key positions. Count our Ducks among the latter.

4. Expect 35 or fewer players invited to camp. Maybe fewer than 30 for teams without many roster questions. You will also see a more tryout contracts offered  to the many UFA’s available by teams with unanswered roster questions.

5. Sloppy play! When you come back after a long layoff the hardest thing to get back is your timing and coordination. Give it 5 weeks and a dozen or so in season games before becoming overly judgmental.

Overall, this is quite different from the start of season where everyone is starting even. You’ve got guys coming in from the ‘A’ and Europe who are in game shape playing with and against guys trying to find their legs. Goalies adjusting to angles.

And maybe most of all will be the Refs. Let’s hope there’s an improvement on the uneven and unpredictability of the officiating. Consistency in penalty calling will do more than anything else in returning the game to the players and fans.


via NHL Trade Report:

Bettman & Daily met with 5 NHLPA reps. Former Duck Zenon Konopka characterized the meeting as educational. At least they listened as each side explained its respective latest offer/responsive counter-offer.

Cause for hope? Meh, it is what it is. They should have been at this point months ago were it not for the NHL stating as recently as 60 days ago  that the current CBA need only minor tweaking. The NHL’s minor tweak is a 20% haircut from the players and “Oh BTW,  you want more revenue sharing? Okay but you pay for that too.”

One possible resolution is multi-pronged, (1) the players offer the cost certainty of accepting the NHL’s 5 year EL’s, 10 years to UFA and 5 yr contracts and the elimination of arbitration, (2) Maintain the current definition of Hockey Related Revenues (HRR) that provides for capital cost allowances and leaves the players a  50-54% of HRR less the capital cost allowance, (3) Eliminate the escrow.  (more…)