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Last season this blog noted that Jonas Hiller was battling those vertigo symptoms. I suspected it because I’ve had my bell ring a few times and know how being not quite right affects your game. Additionally, Hiller was having trouble with the same kind of shot. He was letting those long, unobstructed view shots get past him.
I’ll find links from this blog and post them up later. Right now I’m just ticked. Why? Because last season OCR’s Mark Whicker is on Duck Calls with Josh Brewster. So I call in and share the idea and observation. Brewster mocks the suggestion saying that he’s not a brain surgeon and Whicker backs him saying he hasn’t seen anything.

So today I’m reading Ducks News and Murray is quoted, “As far as goaltending, Hillsy [Jonas Hiller] struggled at the start of last year. The heads thing just hadn’t gone away.”

The team knew that Hillsy was still battling symptoms but they managed to keep it from the media.  Bob Murray does run a tight ship information wise. Corporate media for its part takes the attitude that its easier to dismiss a blogger/caller.  See media people treat us like we don’t know the sky is blue until the weather guy says so.

The point is you can trust this blog. Fact is I’ve forgotten more about hockey than most people ever learn (including some media pros) and I’ll always give ya the straight skinny.

Maybe that’s because my only interest is bringing you closer to the game. And oh yeah, if you really know your stuff, it isn’t necessary to put down callers to your radio show and posters on your blog. You take their ideas out for a walk and build on them. That’s how we play here.

Mark Whicker, for my money the single best sports journalist in SoCal, chronicles our Ducks search for “it.”  Have a taste:
“In a way, it’s more frustrating,” Ryan Getzlaf said. “It’s a hard thing to grasp. We’re showing it, so we know how to do it. We’re showing blasts of it. If it wasn’t there it wasn’t there, but we know it is there. We can’t get down three goals before we find it.”

I stand by the appraisal in the Quarter Pole Report that this team hasn’t got it and only shows some of it when other teams back off and defend those 2-3 goal leads.
Go ahead Ducks make eat crow.
Whicker gets “it” though. As also discussed here with czhokej and yougetwhatyouputin in the Wings Post Game thread, our Ducks have to rediscover how to have fun again.