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David Shoalts of Canada’s newspaper of record, The Globe and Mail is reporting AHL affiliates for the New Jersey Devils and Columbus Blue Jackets have told their NHL players to arrange for permanent housing.
Worthwhile to note that the Devils and Blue Jackets are among the NHL’s financially challenged members. If this were Ed Snider owner of the Flyers or Terry Pegula owner of the Sabres it might just so much smoke. In this instant planning for a long strike is coming from among the NHL’s financially challenged members, the Devils and Blue Jackets respectively.

Fact is, nobody knows when the lockout will end.

At the outset of the lockout this blog considered if the NHL/NHLPA is really so stupid as to risk its premiere in-season marketing event, the outdoor games on New Year’s Day. The answer would appear to be yes, they really are that stupid.

The light went on for me this morning. I feel just like the Steve Martin character,  Navin R. Johnson from The Jerk did when he learned that weight guessing is a profit game.

Oh jeez, armed with the secret, I might even get to meet Bernadette Peters. Now that seeing our Ducks win the Stanley Cup is checked, meeting Ms. Peters is number one on my personal bucket list.

I just discovered only one team in the NHL matters, the Hogtown Homers, whoops I mean Heroes, yeah Hogtown Heroes, aka Toronto Maple Leafs and Leafs Nation respectively. (more…)

One by one, as the Flyers skated back-and-forth in sprints during yesterday’s lengthy practice, Peter Laviolette called out the players who took mindless penalties in recent games and made them skate alone while everyone else rested.

Jeff Carter, Kimmo Timonen, Claude Giroux and Mike Richards were just some of those singled out for a lack of discipline.

Afterward, Laviolette said it was nothing more than “just a good practice.” But his players got the message.

“It’s got to stop,” Danny Briere said about the Flyers’ league-leading number of penalty kills. “The last four games, we have been taking too many penalties. It’s been happening since Game 1. We put ourselves in trouble. Our power play to penalty-kill ratio is lopsided and we have to do something about it.”

And some coaches have meetings. Let’s see if Peter Laviolette  accomplishes in a few minutes what it took Randy Carlyle hours, days, a couple seasons to do.