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It’s often easy to overlook intelligence. Especially when that mind is housed in a roly- poly rib lover’s body, given to one syllable words and short sentences littered with F-bombs.

The Vancouver Canucks are using science to do what Coach Boudreau does from his experience and intuitive knowledge base. Immersed in advanced stats, Coach Vigneault sends the Sedin Twins over the board to take offensive zone face offs at previously unheard of rates. In an effort that shows less is sometimes more Nucks 3rd and 4th lines often see 15 and 10 minutes of TOI respectively. Get more from your depth lines and your top lines are fresher during the game and longer into the season and playoffs.

I don’t know that our Ducks use compression machines to force lactic acid from tired legs. It’s doubtful that our Ducks brain trust would consult a group like Fatigue Science that studies sleep patterns for the U.S military.

Bruce Boudreau seems to have arrived at many of these same conclusions by the application of common sense and maybe a well-timed F-bomb or two. Coach doesn’t need a PHD in psychology to know that he’s more effective using positive reinforcement than negative reinforcement.

Gabby kinda sorta just figured out that if you roll four lines, get everybody involved in the game, spread out your scoring assets, let your best face off guy take the important face offs, put all of your guys in situations where they’re most likely to succeed by employing your assets effectively, you just might turn a loser into a winner. At least that’s exactly what Coach Boudreau accomplished last season.

The Nucks are throwing gobs of money hiring consultants who apply science to peak performance issues. Who knew that all this time they might have just asked Gabby.

Information found in this article was used extensively to draft this post.