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Just the facts Ma’am highlights:

Coach said it was very difficult to motivate the team during the slump because of their position in the standings. The idea settled in that they weren’t catching Chicago and had too big a lead on the teams behind them.
Given how quickly they turned it around when the Kings reached striking distance, Gabby might be right.
I don’t think anybody ever knows what causes slumps. You’re sure glad when it’s over though.

Teemu has the night off against Vancouver and may or may not take it. Coach said “some of our high-profile guys will sit out.” Bobby Ryan, who’s dropped some weight with the flu, is expected to go Saturday in the season finale.I don’t know what Vancouver will do but teams tend to give out games off after wining their division.

As to who will be playoff goalie, Coach seemed to indicate that he will go with the hot hand. Hiller is the likely starter but that too is subject to change. Hilly draws the Canucks. Fasth the Coyotes. The rotation would go back to Hiller to start the playoffs.
Worthy of note, Boudreau said that the goalies are very supportive of each other and more importantly, Coach thinks it’s genuine.

Notes: Ducks also have a logjam of players competing for spots on the fourth line. Steckel will center ahead of Matthew Lombardi. Etem, Belleskey, Dvorak and Staubitz battle for the wingman spots.
Luca Sbisa is the odd man out on the blue line.  As he did earlier in the season for Cam Fowler, Bryan Allen is providing a stay@home steadying influence allowing Sami Vatanen to play a little rover D. Don’t look for Vatanen to come out unless he slumps badly.


You may have noted the so-called treatment Chicago captain is receiving in the corporate media today. Seems the captain had the gall to suggest that a female reporter didn’t squat about hockey.


“Oh, no. I don’t think there was,” Keith said when asked if a penalty went undetected. “I think he scored a nice goal, and that’s what the ref saw. Maybe we should get you as a ref maybe, hey?”

Thomson responded with “Yeah, maybe. Can’t skate though,” to which Keith said, “First female referee – You can’t probably play either, right? But you’re thinking the game, like you know it? See ya.”

The headlines vary but are generally “Blackhawks’ Keith taking heat over comments to reporter.” Why not, “Reporter shows incompetence and lack of subject knowledge asking incredibly stupid question.”

Look at the play. It’s obvious Keith was looking to draw a penalty and take away a scoring opportunity. It wasn’t a viscous two-handed slash. The ref let it go after Sedin scored.

I’m wondering why a reporter allegedly qualified to cover the NHL doesn’t know the basics of the game.

Hockey Buzz blogger Matthew Barry, once began a conversation with then L.A. Kings GM Dave Taylor, “I don’t think…” Taylor about fell over laughing, looked the Hockey Buzz blogger in the eye and mocked, ‘You don’t think?”

Fact is, Barry and Thomson got exactly what they deserved when they put themselves on equal footing with professionals.

The single most important life lessons I learned at the rink are humility, respect and some awareness of what I don’t know.

If you never want to be shot down by an expert, show some respect and don’t ask stupid questions.

Karen Thomson to her credit issued a statement that she has moved on from the event. At the time Barry used his blog platform to post a rant about why Dave Taylor needed to respect his vast knowledge of the game.

The moral here is that there’s hope for Thomson.

As we might expect corporate media forms a circle to protect one of its own:

  1. Anytime an NHL player uses the “you haven’t played the game” card, the only response should be “and you haven’t written about the game”.

@Proteautype Journalism is the only endeavor where people who don’t know anything get to write about it.

Flames are 4-1-1 in their last six games. This week, they’ve beaten Vancouver and San Jose in regulation time. Mikka Kiprusoff is back between the pipes. Flames are now within striking distance of the playoffs. Indeed all is well for Calgary at the moment.

It’s no big secret how the Flames are getting it done. Their best players, with the exception of Alec Tanguay who remains second in team scoring with 17 pts in 21 games, are all producing right now. Jay Bouwmeester and Dennis Wideman are the workhorses on the blue line each logging over 25:00 minutes per game. Mark Giordano does the heavy match-up lifting.

Flames have their measuring sticks out for this game. Catching the Canucks and Sharks during a dry spell is one thing. Beating the second best team in the league gives credence to their recent hot streak.

For our Ducks, the Flames represent the challenge that good teams win the games they’re supposed to win. The fact that Calgary is going well only adds to the adversity.

Back on January 21, our Ducks beat Calgary 5-4. The game wasn’t as close as the score would suggest. What we did see that night is that these Flames aren’t quitters. They started the season winning just 5 of their first 15 games but are now back in the playoff hunt.

Our Ducks have shown they can also rise to a challenge and find ways to win. My hunch is that our depth prevails in a very spirited game.


Cory Schneider through a shutout. Dan Sedin had the winning goal and an assist. Henrik Sedin registered two assists.

Ducks were absolutely dominant even strength. Schneider stood off the onslaught.

About the middle of the first Canucks got under the skin of our guys. We started grumbling and parade to the sin bin began. Ducks were called for 9 minor penalties, Canucks just 3. I saw at least four minors that Canucks committed but weren’t called.

Not sure why it is but our Ducks start complaining and wham, we’re on a parade to the sin bin. I don’t know what is said or why the so-called professional refs react that way. Fact is, it’s on our guys. We bring it on ourselves. You have to be on the ice to hear it exactly. Obviously though, we push too far.

Brian Hayward, as he so often does, said it best, “When you fall behind 2-0, you don’t start punching people in the head and yelling at the ref. You tidy up the things that you’re doing.”

“In all we gave them 14 minutes of PP time,” said Bruce Boudreau following the game.

Canucks deserve credit. Their three PP goals came on the same play. Two were passes through Hiller’s crease, from his glove to stick side. The third was across the top of the crease, glove to stick side. Hazy pointed out that those passes are especially difficult for a goalie to deflect or corral. It isn’t just the goalie but he is main guy responsible for the puck anytime it’s in his crease. The two D-men are equally responsible though. One for not covering the passing lane. The other for letting a guy get the one-timer off after the pass beat two of his teammates.

It’s BackCheck’s Rule, you can always identify at least two mistakes on a play before the puck goes in.

The good news is that we face Nashville tomorrow night. We have to get this game behind us quickly.

Vancouver followed up getting blown out in their home opener with a SO loss to the Oilers and SO win over Calgary. The Nucks second line is decimated while anchor Ryan Kesler is out indefinitely and winger David Booth will be nursing a pulled groin for the next four to six weeks.
With those injuries impacting the Canucks secondary scoring the D has stepped as Alexander Edler (2) and Dan Hamhuis (1) have three of Vancouver’s seven goals. Zack Kassian, acquired from Buffalo last season for Cody Hodgson, has two.

In the first three games of the season the issue in Vancouver isn’t secondary scoring. Daniel Sedin has one goal while brother Henrik and Alex Burrows have yet to score. The strategy to beating the Nucks remains the same. Stop the Sedins.

While Coach Boudreau tell us fans he likes to roll four lines the thing he doesn’t say is how he uses the D to match up against the opposition’s best forwards. Every coach, from house league Mites to the NHL, matches D against opposition forwards. Gabby has two ways of matching up from the D. The pair of Beauchemin/Lydman or Bryan Allen.
On the other bench, Vigneault will be trying to get the Sedins over the boards against Sbisa/Souray. Forget rolling the lines, this is the real cat and mouse game between the respective brain trusts.

Look for Beauchemin/Lydman to take the assignment, along with the KCW line, at least to start against the Sedin Line.

The tendency between these two teams is lots of scoring. In eight of the last games against Vancouver Ducks have scored 4 or more goals. A caution to bettors, past performance is no guaranty of future results, and Cory Schneider is particularly motivated to the shut down our Ducks after giving up 5 goals last weekend.

The teams won’t play the rubber game until April 25.

The other roster intrigue will be who centers Selanne and Ryan, Bonino or Rakell.

Per it would appear that Bones is getting the start with Rakell a healthy scratch. Holland will center Matt Beleskey and Devante Smith-Pelly. Lest Bonino get too comfortable Coach had this to say about Peter Holland:

“We’d love to see what his compete level is. I’d like to see a solid game from him. And if someone in the top-three centers goes out, he’s a guy that can easily replace them with his offensive ability.”

Ryan Getzlaf was excused from the morning skate. Rakell took the Captain’s spot in the line drills.

Ducks second and fourth line roster spots are fluid.  A decision will need to be made on Rakell fairly quickly. The young Swede is up with our Ducks for five games before a decision must be made on whether to keep him or return him to Junior.

It’s often easy to overlook intelligence. Especially when that mind is housed in a roly- poly rib lover’s body, given to one syllable words and short sentences littered with F-bombs.

The Vancouver Canucks are using science to do what Coach Boudreau does from his experience and intuitive knowledge base. Immersed in advanced stats, Coach Vigneault sends the Sedin Twins over the board to take offensive zone face offs at previously unheard of rates. In an effort that shows less is sometimes more Nucks 3rd and 4th lines often see 15 and 10 minutes of TOI respectively. Get more from your depth lines and your top lines are fresher during the game and longer into the season and playoffs.

I don’t know that our Ducks use compression machines to force lactic acid from tired legs. It’s doubtful that our Ducks brain trust would consult a group like Fatigue Science that studies sleep patterns for the U.S military.

Bruce Boudreau seems to have arrived at many of these same conclusions by the application of common sense and maybe a well-timed F-bomb or two. Coach doesn’t need a PHD in psychology to know that he’s more effective using positive reinforcement than negative reinforcement.

Gabby kinda sorta just figured out that if you roll four lines, get everybody involved in the game, spread out your scoring assets, let your best face off guy take the important face offs, put all of your guys in situations where they’re most likely to succeed by employing your assets effectively, you just might turn a loser into a winner. At least that’s exactly what Coach Boudreau accomplished last season.

The Nucks are throwing gobs of money hiring consultants who apply science to peak performance issues. Who knew that all this time they might have just asked Gabby.

Information found in this article was used extensively to draft this post.

Nucks & Ducks? Sounds more like something you sprinkle over a Mandarin salad than hockey teams. Or maybe Peking Duck in Nuck sauce.

From about the five-minute mark of the first period through to the end of the second our Ducks dominated and imposed their will upon the Vancouver Canucks. (Aside: It was good to hear Randy Carlyle address “will” in the post game press scrum as well. We been talking about it here for a couple of weeks. It should be kind of reassuring to participants in this blog when the pros use the same terms we use after we use those terms.)

The Nucks dominated the first five minutes and the entire third period. (more…)

Our Ducks are feeling pretty good themselves after beating the Vancouver Canucks mostly ‘A’ Team 3-2 last night. Ryan Getzlaf said, “We had a tough start to the preseason, but we have things going now. We have to continue that on and continue to build.” Well yeah the guys should feel about themselves after any win. Let’s also note though that our Ducks have earned a P% of .625 from these mostly same Canucks over the past two seasons. While the Nucks have skated among the NHL’s elite the past two seasons, it’s been our Ducks who have given them fits.

So yeah guys do as Coach says, “Enjoy the win for ten minutes then get back to work.” Getting back to work following game means starting the process of preparing for the next game. Job 1 is hydration and beer doesn’t count. Alcohol will dehydrate so stick to the two beer limit. Yeah, try and enforce that rule, lol.

Coach Carlyle liked what he saw last night, noting that (1) Hiller gave them a chance to win, (2) the PK units blocked shots, cleared some pucks and (3) (more…)

The light went on for me this morning. I feel just like the Steve Martin character,  Navin R. Johnson from The Jerk did when he learned that weight guessing is a profit game.

Oh jeez, armed with the secret, I might even get to meet Bernadette Peters. Now that seeing our Ducks win the Stanley Cup is checked, meeting Ms. Peters is number one on my personal bucket list.

I just discovered only one team in the NHL matters, the Hogtown Homers, whoops I mean Heroes, yeah Hogtown Heroes, aka Toronto Maple Leafs and Leafs Nation respectively. (more…)